USP Life Program

The USP VIDA Program was created by the Office of the University (Ordinance GR 7633, 6/4/2020) to raise financial resources for research and actions by the University of São Paulo to face the Covid-19 crisis.

Your contribution can be directed to:

✔ Single fund for Covid-19 research and actions. In this case, the Steering Committee defines the allocation of resources according to the most urgent needs of USP VIDA.

✔ A specific research or action.In this case, the donor must send an e-mail ( to declare which research or action in the list below would like the contribution to be applied.

The finance control of the raised funds (donations and the availability of funds for the supported projects) and the transparency in the use of the amount raised is the responsibility of the 'Fundação de Apoio à Universidade de São Paulo', partner of USP Vida Program.


1. Single fund for research and actions of the USP Vida Program.

There is no need to send email.

2. Exclusively for the University Hospital (HU).

It is necessary to send an e-mail ( to inform the choice.

3. Specific lines of research on Covid-19.

It is necessary to send an e-mail ( to inform the choice.

✔ Vaccine development
✔ Medicine development
✔ Inspire project for artificial respirators
✔ USP network for the diagnosis of COVID-19
✔ Study of Antiviral Processes
✔ 'Projeto Respire' for facial protection

Use PayPal To Donate

For donations from abroad use PayPal (USD).

The Foundation will issue receipt of contributions under request by the donor. For that, the donor must forward the transaction receipt to the same e-mail address (, including the donor's data (name / corporate name and address).